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Application link: https://tadaa.actionaid.vn/application-form/4t661qdctq7c70dq65v6xfy0mj
Only candidates submitted their dossiers through the link above will be considered for screening. Application should be submitted by 2nd February 2023.

Being a member of Strategic Executive Team (SET), Operations Manager (Human Resources, Information Technology & Communications) provides strategic inputs to implementation of ActionAid Vietnam (AAV)'s plans and budgets to deliver all commitments, especially those set in CSP for AAV’s work related to Human Resources, Information Technology & Communications. He/she has full authority within approved budgets and plans to ensure smooth operations, development and maintenance of HR, IT and Communications.

Operations practices, processes and issues of HR, IT and Communications are handled in accordance with AAV’s policies and prevailing national related laws and regulations. He/she manages, assigns tasks to line staff of the team and requests for supports from the other departments/staff to ensure the job is well performed. Other authorities are stated in the AAV’s Delegation of Authority Framework (DAF).

Key Accountabilities/ Responsibilities:

* Human Resources:

1. Human Resources Policies and Guidelines:
• Implements and monitors operation related policies, principles and standards:
 Operations policies and guidelines (HR, IT & Communications) are implemented consistently and transparently.
 Inputs are provided actively and constructively to develop and revise the relevant policies and procedures in compliance with local labour law.
 Procedures in staff recruitment, dismissals, departure, promotion and handover are properly followed.
 Staff are regularly advised on relevant regulations and laws, new staff are well inducted.
 Performance appraisal is updated and done properly and timely with suitable guidelines and facilitation
 Change managements are facilitated
 Support to audits of HR, IT and Communications is evidently provided

2. Human Resources Administration
• Ensures salary, insurance administration and contract management is done in accordance with AAI standards and Vietnam Labour Law regulations.
 Staff and consultants’ contracts, payments, benefits and conditions are ensured following prevailing agreements, prevailing laws and organisational policies
 Monthly salary memo is prepared for approval by 20th day of the month ensuring the correct information and adequately backed up.
 Reports to insurance companies are prepared as required.
 24/7 and statutory Insurance payment and claims are checked and followed up to ensure the compliance of the organization and the benefits for parties concerned.
 Contracts and annexures for 24/7 insurance are prepared at due time and properly implemented.
 Staff are advised on national and AAI social insurance schemes. Feedbacks from staff and end-users on insurance are well reflected in the next round of contracts with insurance suppliers.
 Staff and consultants’ contracts, payments, benefits and conditions are ensured following prevailing agreements, prevailing laws and organizational policies.
• Manage and ensure Operations related activities are planned and carried out within approved budget.
• Prepare relevant reports
 Relevant reports are prepared and submitted to the Line Manager upon request.
 Trip report is prepared for the purpose of sharing learning and best practice.

3. Staff well-being:
• Proposes and implement team building programmes and staff/public relations to ensure a positive working environment in the organisation.
 Staff events: staff meetings, staff retreats, farewells and welcome etc. are organized
 Staff relations and staff engagement activities such as visiting sick staff/relatives, funerals, weddings, funerals, team building, clubs… are taken cared of
 Facilitating the establishment and operations of staff union – as appropriate, in accordance with Vietnam related laws, regulations as AAI’s human resources standards.

* IT:
1. Manage and supervise IT tasks to ensure office IT devices run successfully and technical support is provided timely for users, organisation’s website, system failure, virus protection.
2. IT Procurements, maintenance and security are done well to ensure an effective operation of the systems and satisfaction of end users.
3. Cooperate with Executive Director’s office to support the office digitalization process
4. Manage, review and update the IT Policy accordingly following the ogranisation’s policies.
5. Directly manage and supervise the IT Business Partner/IT Outsource

* Organizational and Corporate Development/ Representation:

• AAI's communications and related activities as mentioned in the ActionAid's Strategy 2028: Action for Global Justice are prioritized and localised in line with CSP and Vietnam context.
• All communications work, particularly the social media are specified, formulated and implemented to deliver CSP in linking with AAI's strategy, projects and for the benefits of community mobilisation, campaign element in the Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA).
• Successful campaigns are analysed, and lesson learnt are reported as appropriate.

* Brand management:

• Communication and related activities are implemented consistently throughout Local Rights Programmes (LRPs).
• Programme priorities are coordinated between different communications works for a smooth and effective implementation.
• Monitoring and Evaluation indicators are well designed for the assessment of communications as required by CSP and Communications Strategy.
• Strategies and campaigns across print, broadcast and online platforms are developed to build up the credibility of AAV’s image
Support in ensuring all communication products will follow donor’s and ActionAid’s identity requirements.

* Internal and External communications:

• Press releases and policy briefs are well produced.
• Press briefing/meetings/conference/interviews are well organized.
• AAV’s publications including design, translation and printing are undertaken, ensuring quality and adherence to the AAV’s publication and contracting process and guidelines.
• Events/ launch of programmes are carried out according to workplan.
• Films and different audio-visual items are produced with good quality.
• AAV’s website, Facebook, YouTube account and other social media tools are well administered.
• Communication platforms (e.g. regional newsletter, annual reports, online communication forums, etc.) are coordinated in consultation and coordination with AAI Communications Team.
• Supports are given to staff on compliance of communications policy and requirements (logo, letterhead, PowerPoint template, email signature, name card etc.).
AAV staff’s and key partners’ capacity building on communications is implemented.

* Partnerships management and Networking:

• Network of media to support AAV’s activities is established and maintained.
• Close communications and collaboration with AAI Communications and Campaign and related teams are well established.
• Active participation in working groups, networks, campaigns locally and internationally is ensured.
Support to progressively positioning AAV in networks and coalitions through purposive engagement with CSOs, media, academia, and authorities at national, regional, and local levels.

* Budgeting and Planning:

• Develop, manage, monitor, and update the annual budget for HR, IT and Communications to ensure the sound management of HR, IT and Communications budget
• Review and approve program concept and plan to ensure the alignment to the CSP and annual plan and budget
• Conduct regular field visits to programme areas to provide support, supervision, and guidance on programme implementation

* Financial and Contract Management:

• Control the expenditure and the disbursement of resources of the budget in charge to be complied with financial policy.
• The printing, communications products and media contracts which related to AAV general Communications are managed

* Corporate Responsibilities:

1. Office support:
• Undertake corporate responsibility as assigned by the Line Manager
• Work as an active team member to enhance team spirit of AAV
• Support the process of developing and sustaining an open, transparent and learning culture in the organisation.
2. Safety and Security
• AAI Safety and Security procedure is localised, updated and put into practice.
• Act as Safety and Security focal person if appointed
• The Safety and Security Plan, Procedures and guideline by AAI and AAV are followed.
• The safety and security procedures for staff are implemented
• Risks for staff safety and security are reported timely to Security Focal Person or Head of Department.
3. Child protection
• AAI Child protection policy is localised, updated and put into practice.
• The Child protection policy and guidelines by AAI and AAV are followed.
• All violations of Child protection policy are reported to Focal Person or Head of Department.
4. Anti-sexual harassment
• The Anti sexual harassment is localised, updated and put into practice.
• Act as Anti sexual focal person if appointed.
• The Anti sexual harassment policy and guidelines by AAI and AAV are followed.
• All violations of Anti sexual harassment policy are reported to Focal Person or Head of Department.
5. Anti - modern slavery policy
• Anti- modern slavery policy is localised, updated and put into practice.
• The policy and guidelines by AAI and AAV are followed.
• All violations of the policy are reported to Focal Person or Head of Department.

* Others: Other tasks as assigned are well performed.

Yêu cầu công việc

- Education & Certifications:
University degree in Business Administration, IT, Communications, social science or relevant field.

- Experience:
• At least 5 years working experience in relevant fields for INGOs would be an advantage.
• At lease 2 years working experience in the similar position

- Essential knowledge and skills:
• Expertise on organizing, networking, partnership building and legal compliance
• Expertise on coordinating communications events and related organization, media.
• Position continually requires demonstrated poise, tact and diplomacy

- Others:
Adherence to:
Human Rights-Based Approach
Poverty and injustice eradication
Gender equality

This job description covers the main task and conveys the spirit of the sort of tasks that are anticipated proactively from staff. Other tasks may be assigned as necessary according to organizational needs

It is part of every staff member’s responsibility to contribute to AAI’s mission and comply to AAI’s values which are: Mutual respect, Equity and Justice, Honesty and transparency, Solidarity with the poor, Courage of conviction, Independence, Humility and AAV PROFILE (Accountability, Adaptation, Value, Partnership, Respect, Obtain to innovation, Fairness and Justice, Integrity, Leadership without authority, Expert).

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